What We Do

Amy’s Kids is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides funding to Amy's Academy Nursery School in Malindi, Kenya. In addition to teaching the basic fundamentals of education, the school gives the local children a sense of importance and helps provide them with school uniforms, supplies and a daily meal. The HOPE of this school is to encourage children, who would otherwise never get an education, to be motivated to learn and obtain proper schooling while gaining a sense of importance.

Amy's Academy

Founded in 2010 Amy's Academy Nursery School (formerly Faraha Sana) remains the only nursery school within a 5-mile radius for the kids in this remote area of the Kenyan coast. The children in this area come from families that make less than $1/day. They often go without clothing or food and some don't even have a bed to sleep in. Amy's Kids provides meals to all the children, school supplies, brown and gold uniforms, medical care if needed, a school building for them to learn in, salaries for 10 certified Kenyan teachers, a cook and a shopkeeper. Amy's Academy provides a solid foundation for their education so they can go on to achieve great things in their lives and advance beyond the primary grade 4.

December 2012 marked the first graduation from Amy's Academy, when 30 of the older students graduated. Each of the students planned to attend the nearest Primary School. Today, the school has more than 300 students who call Amy's Academy their home away from home. Your donation goes 100% towards the items listed to help change the lives of these children.

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Many Blessings

We believe this school provides many blessings for many children, and hopefully many more to come. The hope of Amy's Kids & Amy's Academy is to encourage children, who would otherwise never get an education, to be motivated to learn and obtain proper schooling.


1. To one day have a fully-staffed primary school for children ages 4-15, in addition to the nursery school. (The nearest primary school is close to one mile away and is very overcrowded, with more than 600 students.)
2. To ensure that the basic needs for the attending children are being met, including: meals, clothing, medical care and mosquito nets.
3. To have an on premise building and staff for the orphans with no family to reside.
4. To bring a greater understanding of the Lord into the children's lives and increase the awareness of Christianity.

Who We Are


Amy started her nursing career doing recovery room and preoperative nursing, as well as home health care. She is currently the director of the cancer center at her hometown hospital in Laramie, Wyo. Amy truly believes that helping others in the most desperate of circumstances is what she was meant to do. In 2008, she went on her first medical trip to Guatemala to help in a recovery room in a clinic. It was then she realized the important role that the Lord has in her life. The next year, in June 2009, she stepped even further outside her comfort zone and joined a team of medical volunteers heading to Kenya for a surgical camp. After just one trip Amy fell in love with the Kenyan people. The next trip in the fall of 2009 brought the invitation to a small village just outside of Malindi, where Amy saws such a desperate need in the children's eyes, but yet a hope like none she had ever seen. From there came the idea of starting a school for the very needy children in the area and Amy's Academy was born.


Amy met Moses during her first trip to Kenya. He helped her group with anything they needed. He could translate in both native languages, provide cell phones to call home, arrange transportation to and from the hospital and overall make sure everyone was safe. Moses volunteered for those two weeks and quickly became an integral part of Amy's Kenyan family. He was raised in the area near Amy's Academy, so he knew the people, the poverty and the in's and outs of the culture. He also had a great love for the children and looked out for their well-being from day one. Moses continues to oversee the school on a daily basis and makes it possible for it to continue. Honestly, Amy's Kids Foundation would never have lasted without the time Moses has put in. With a teaching background of his own, he is also in charge of hiring the certified teachers. He has also done all of the negotiating for the new building and oversees the workers. Moses takes little to no pay for all he does, simply because he loves Amy's Academya and wants to see the children succeed.

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